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Gear Review: Kriega Tool Roll

Form: 90%

Function: 90%

Fit & Finish: 90%

Solid materials and design make it a no-brainer.

Total Score 90%


I carry a set of tools anytime I ride. If it’s just around town, a portable multi-tool goes with me. Anything longer than a couple hours, then I grab my Kriega tool roll and throw it in my luggage along with the multi-tool. For day-long and overnight trips, then the Chapman master kit join and the multi-tool gets left behind. A tool system, like a gear system, requires planning and forethought. Simply carrying every tool in your box anytime you go on longer trips is not efficient nor is it feasible; carrying nothing at all is foolish and potentially dangerous.

The Kriega Tool Roll is great way to add in a bit of functional flexibility in your on-the-road tool system.  It’s easy of use, rugged design, and practical features make it my go-to toolset even when I’m at home and working on the bike on a lift.


It’s a tool “roll” so it’s designed to fold up along three creases into something that is relatively compact and secure. There’s nothing fancy or particularly innovative here. It’s just well designed and it works well for it. I appreciate the four-flap design of the Kriega; the top, bottom and right-most flaps secure the main tool compartment; the right-most flap incorporates a handy zippered pouch.


It’s designed hold whatever tools you need for a particular trip securely, compactly and in an easily accessible package. I use mine all the time, even when I’m not on the road; instead of lugging my cumbersome and heavy (50 lb.) toolbox out of the shed, I just grab the Kriega roll. My strategy is to keep my most-used wrenches, sockets, and other tools (pliers, scissors, electrical tape, etc) in the tool roll and the rest in the tool box. It’s a fantastic, back-saving setup.

Size comparison:

Fit and Finish:

Good quality textiles (1000D Cordura), a nice mesh coated zipper pocket, sturdy stitching and robust webbed straps. Nice stuff.

Final Words:

For easy of use, quality of materials and a reasonable price ($35), the Kriega Tool Roll is hard to beat. It’s also backed by a 10-year guarantee. In my opinion, this is the biggest bang-for-the-buck in Kriega’s gear catalogue.


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Published on: October 29, 2013

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